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I was COO and Co-founder of Angry Coffee, where we thought Napster was obnoxiously playing in the supposed “grey area” of copyright law. We took it into our own hands, building a competing service that would (eventually) be legal. How? We hacked into Napster,and made the front page of The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, July 26, 2000. 3 months and 80 major media mentions later we entertained many interesting contracts, meetings, and ultimately, an acquisition offer. I gained invaluable experiences in writing product specifications, M & A and due diligence processes. And not least, learned how to navigate the landscape of personalities and power brokers in this niche space.

Currently involved in:

Out at Live365, I am the Acting Director for “Avenue Live”. Avenue Live is the upcoming mobile music platform that will blow your mind. I am working with a great team out at Live365, including CEO Mark Lam, and an incredible new Board of Advisers, including Yu-kai Chou, Jerry Fuqua, and the Stanford D-Labs’ own Dr. George Toye. While the project is on hold for bit I find myself working with top-tier and emerging artists with Live365’s Internet Radio Broadcast Platform. We are matching them with sponsors so they can connect with fans and brands and earn revenue while maintaining a station on our huge network. Curious? Reach out!
Being the Community Architect for the SF MusicTech Summit from 2008-2012 has enabled me in many ways. Please reach out anytime if you want to learn how to join this great community. After 17 successful events, we may have just had the last one! Stay tuned. The SF MusicTech Summit is/was a bi-annual conference that takes place in … San Francisco!
I am on the Advisory Board of the SXSW Accelerator and SXSW V2Venture pitch events. Looking forward to the Accelerator event in 2015! Got something hot? Contact me now as we are just starting to accept companies for V2V Las Vegas 2015!
This upcoming SXSW is my 3rd year doing the “7 Hottest Topics in Web MusicTech in 2015” panel series at SXSW! Last year was packed, so amazing! See you in Austin. 

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the best music and technology conference

As the Community Architect for the SF MusicTech Summit from 2008-2012 and an attendee of all 17 events, I have cultivated sponsors, attendees and panelists since the inaugural Summit. This bi-annual conference attracts over 1300 executives, investors and entrepreneurs whom came to the event to find business opportunities and help to establish and participate in the buzzing Northern California music and related technology market.

If you got a chance to attend this great event between 2008-2014 and are involved in the evolving music/technology ecosystem in any capacity please feel free to reach out to me to talk shop! This last November was supposed to be “the last” event as the producers are moving to Hawaii. Oh no!

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shut up and play your guitar

Sayla Dobro” is my Dobro playing alter-ego.  The tex-mex sounds that come about when you mix the Dobro with a vintage Yamaha Synth Accordion patch, a Cuban Tres, and a Casio drum machine are a “lo-fi must hear”. I play every instrument on these recordings and produced them in a make-shift project recording studio in my former residence garage in Northern California. Merely lo-fi “sketches” of a project I am now bring to fruition. A 6-song EP is in progress using a Mara JH-16 track machine over Primitive Ears Recording!

Life Love Misery” is an alternative rock group featuring a string quartet.  I am the lead singer-songwriter that wrote all the string arrangements and produced this sonically sound 10 song release with my two band mates and production partners, drummer Ken Stavropoulos (Starship, Cacaphony) and bassist Mario Previti (of the legendary Plant Studios). These songs have enjoyed placement on MTV;s “Real World – Road Rules I & II” and a feature film!

Over the years I have played on, engineered, and produced many recordings. Stay tuned for my discography.

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juice your online presence

I have managed the web, and social media strategy for musicians since the Myspace days, helping them navigate the dynamic world of the Web and social media to help build loyal, engaged fans in the most effective, creative ways.

I’ve always led a double life of music and technology which serves my clients well. On the music side, I co-owned and operated San Francisco’s Blue Room Studios and served as an audio engineer for countless CDs including a Grammy-nominated Latin jazz release, assisted in the production of a double platinum album, and served as a guitarist, keyboardist and singer for various bands.

On the technology side, I served as co-founder and Chief Operating Officer for Angry, which launched the first publicly-available web-based interface to Napster and Napster-like networks just as the Internet emerged as a musical force.

In the recent past I was able to bring my technology, business and music experience to my clients and other professionals as both consultant and industry expert, including but not limited to, serving as Community Architect for The SF MusicTech Summit, co-founder of ChatWithTheBand, an adviser to, and the 2013-2015 SXSW Music Accelerator Advisory Board, and more recently, Acting Director of Avenue Live and Artist Development at Live365.

I enjoy keeping up to speed on the latest and greatest ways for musicians, bands and brands to implement a strategy of communication via the Web, Facebook, Twitter, and beyond, which enables fans to find, listen, share, buy, and engage the artists’ music via the Web or live in local venues. WordPress is my platform of choice to support a maximum-impact Web presence, but I can work with anything. My clients have included bands and brands seeking visually exciting and effective Websites, incorporating permission-based marketing which drives calls to action and tangible, commercial results. Please do not hesitate to contact me today.

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