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With the IPO of Facebook coming right up having your bands page set up all good could very well be an important part of your online presence. Use this convenient image to size your pics and header. Ok until next time! Cover or Timeline Header images are 851 X 315 Profile images are 180 X180 App images are 111 X … Read More

See you at SF MusicTech Summit #9!


This time around make an investment in your music or technology idea and be sure to be on this attendee list, the next event is on September 12th, be there!

Raj Ramayya Website


This is not a typical “fan site” nor really a “band website.” Raj is a very successful musician that resides in California, but works often in Tokyo and Canada and needed a business site to help his international agents get him jobs.

Getting Your Music Discovered: SEO, SMO, and WMO. Make the Like Button Available.


Getting Your Music Discovered: SEO, SMO, and WMO. SEO = Search Engine Optimization. When you put up your Website, Implement a root-level domain i.e. not or the like. Embed proper meta tags. Also integrate Facebook Open Graph into your site. No cash to make a Website? Start a Tumblr or keep reading there are most suggestions in this … Read More

13 quick tips for bands to maximize Web & Social Media


Conventional wisdom among music marketers is that a band should provide 20 minutes of online content for its fans each day. This entails media such as videos, whimsical writing about daily life, photos on stage or candid daily touring photos at the burger joint, song streams, and other interesting items

RootMusic BandPages


Ok…so you’re in a band and you paid someone to make your fancy pants Fan Page. Custom tabs, man o man your jammin, totally digging your new page. Wow looks great, totally pro. Oh but wait… oh no you have not looked at your page since 8/23 and all of a sudden your page is all whacked? Time to call your “Web” developer … Read More

Google Buzz Gets Privacy Patch


Ok, so Google Buzz got a privacy patch? And what was that? Turning it off? Hmmm. Here is an interesting article from CNET about turning it off successfully. Myself I have, for now turned it off, as it is an overload as this specific moment. But I do wonder how this new “Buzz” can be used successfully to engage fans … Read More

Social Networking by the Numbers, 2009


Well we all love statistics, here is a very interesting slideshow by LeeAnn Prescott of and on Social Media usage by using data from US Comscore and Hitwise. We want information like this so we don’t waste our time when trying to market our music. Check it out, it’s a good quick read. Social Networking By The Numbers, … Read More