Viva Data
I just wound down Viva Data. We built a music metadata validator that covered the Apple Music Metadata Style Guide. The Orchard paid us to build it and used it for two years. I learned so much about the music metadata niche. You could call it a new career path for me. Looking forward to more adventures in the future with product and engineering talent Lucas Gonze.

I’m a permanent PT employee of Megatrax. I listen to music five to six days a week and get paid for it! I tag production music for search. As I studied film-scoring in college and also produce music to picture, this gig is super cool.

The Music Never Stops
I’m always recording my music. Excited to share these upcoming releases with music professionals for live-streaming performances, and sync opportunities:

Sayla Dobro
The adventure continues. A duo featuring myself on vocals, guitars, and squared-neck Dobro. We had recorded music at Tiny Telephone Oakland and with local John Karr a couple of years ago and never finished the songs. We mixed five great new tunes at Different Fur with engineer Grace Coleman. Sayla Dobro currently has three singles and videos online and is bummed to be not performing live because of COVID.

Talk Todd
I wrote some Pop music that I am really excited about. It’s lo-fi production all done at my house with a Macbook Air. I have four tunes in this one distinct groovy flavor. I’m calling it Talk Todd.

Jazz Fusion
I recorded four jazz fusion tunes! Guitar fans should like this release. Two original compositions by Francis Wong of the Jon Jang Orchestra, an original composition of mine called “Random Cycles”, and an arrangement of Wayne Shorter’s “Nefertiti”, featuring local trumpeter, Will Magid. My good friend Celso Alberti plays drums on all four compositions. We have added East Bay bass talent Bryan Dean to the project! I want to play some shows with my friends! Post COVID look out!

Production Music
Cues galore! Creativity has been high these days as I am inspired by the cues I listen to daily in my work. I can write music for small chamber groups and other styles of popular music. I’ve recently been writing a ten-song “scary” album for dramatic or horror tv/film/sync.

I’ve been making some crazy loops, some using AI assistance. I’m getting more and more curious about Beatstars and collaborating with others on music releases.

Bully Meow
Bully Meow is a producer handle that I use for Pop music projects. Bully is also an #NFTaudio artist and collector.

Want to work on a tech project with me? Reach out!

Want to work on a music project with me? Reach out on Soundbetter! I finished my first gig on the site recently and it went great!

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