I have a passion for both music and technology. When collaborating on projects this serves my clients, partners, and/or employers well. On the technology side, I’ve run product, operations, business development, marketing, artist outreach and community for various music tech businesses. I got my feet wet in Web music technology as the Internet emerged as a musical force with AngryCoffee.com, the first publicly-available web-based interface to Napster and Napster-like networks. More recently, I worked in a product and business development capacity and led artist outreach for both Live365’s mobile music platform, Avenue Live, as well as for ChatWithTheBand, a video chat solution for bands and celebrities. I’ve helped foster various business opportunities and countless connections as the Community Architect for the SF Music Tech Summit and the SXSW Accelerator.

On the music side, I studied music at San Jose State University and have served as a guitarist, various stringed instruments, keyboardist and singer for various bands. My most current project is “Sayla Dobro“. I also co-owned and operated San Francisco’s Blue Room Studios where we hosted the recording of Train’s first triple platinum album, served as an audio engineer for countless CD’s including a Grammy-nominated Latin jazz release, and hosted Randy Jackson on multiple occasions recording local bands for Sony A&R. I get the artist side, as I am an artist myself.

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