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        Collaborating with business, marketing, design, and development professionals to create compelling Web and mobile music products that connect people to music.

        Product and Business Development
        I’ve held positions in music tech companies in business operations since 1999. As COO of Angry Coffee, where we productized Napster and made the front page of The Wall Street Journal during the summer of 2000, I led sales and product/business development efforts. I have additional experience with SSUP Blog, a Hypem-like effort, ChatWithTheBand, a one-to-many video chat solution for entertainers, and Live365, where I led the development of a new mobile music platform similar to Bandcamp subscriptions and Pandora AMP. I also led business development for the Viva Data efforts.

        Community Builder
        Being the Community Architect for the SF MusicTech Summit from 2008-2012/2015 was a blast. I have had the opportunity to meet many of the players in the music and music technology niche. 

        I’ve helped recruit advisers, celebrity judges, emcees, and qualified startups for the SXSW Accelerator, now Pitch event for the last eight years. I review and judge an average of 100 pitch decks a year for these SXSW pitch competitions. I know a good pitch deck when I see it.

        Let me help YOU enter the 2021 SXSW Pitch Competition! Holla!

        I’ve spoken seven years in-a-row as an SXSW moderator/speaker and five years doing the “7 Hottest Topics in Music Tech” panel series! I hope you got a chance to catch me in Austin over the last decade. Speaking is always fun.

        Founder/Team Member
        I have founded and co-founded a few music tech startups along the way: Angry Coffee, SSUP Blog, ChatWithTheBand, Live365’s Avenue Live, and Viva Data.

        Musician / Engineer / Producer
        I started recording at SJSU in 1985. My first internship was at TRI Studios in Sunnyvale, where the late Kevin Gilbert got his start. I co-owned The Blue Room in SF from 94-97 and engineered many sessions. I engineered at Moon Dog in Alameda from 98-2000. Today, I engineer and produce in-the-box or at other studios when needed.

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