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[box type=”shadow”] I was COO and Co-founder of Angry Coffee, where we thought Napster was playing in the supposed “grey area” of copyright law. We took it into our own hands, building a competing service that would (eventually) be legal. How? We hacked into Napster,and made the front page of The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, July 26, 2000. 3 months and 80 major media mentions later we entertained many interesting contracts, meetings, and ultimately, an acquisition offer. I gained invaluable experiences in writing product specifications, M & A and due diligence processes. And not least, learned how to navigate the landscape of personalities and power brokers in this niche space.[/box] [box type=”shadow”] Being the Community Architect for the SF MusicTech Summit from 2008-2012 has enabled me in many ways. Please reach out anytime if you want to learn how to join this great community. After 17 successful events, we may have just had the last one! Stay tuned. The SF MusicTech Summit is/was a bi-annual conference that takes place in … San Francisco! [/box] [box type=”shadow”] I have been on the Advisory Board of the SXSW Accelerator and SXSW V2Venture pitch events for 3 years now. I help source more advisers, help recruit Startups to enter the competition, and I review and judge over 300 pitch decks a year for these SXSW pitch competitions. Looking forward to the Accelerator event in 2015! Got something hot? Contact me now as we are just starting to accept companies for V2V Las Vegas 2015![/box] [box type=”shadow”] This upcoming SXSW is my 4th year as a SXSW speaker and my 3rd year doing the “7 Hottest Topics in Web MusicTech in 2015” panel series at SXSW! Last year was packed, so amazing! See you in Austin. [/box]

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