How to incorporate a CashMusic email-for-payload widget into WordPress

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CASH Music is a nonprofit organization that builds open source digital tools for musicians and labels. Their mission is to help educate and empower artists and their fans to foster a more viable and sustainable future for music.  It is officially released and supported. They have a very detailed Blog post on their Website on how to use the platform.

To my knowledge, they will be offering additional functionality in the future:

Tweet for download
FB like for download
Download for current social followers
Email capture
Download for current mailing list participants
Download codes
Paid downloads
Audio stream
Secure audio stream
And more…

Here is how I incorporated the email address (capture) for payload feature into WordPress.

First you have upload your asset or payload. This is all very intuitive. Click “add assets” and do your thing:

Secondly create an Element, and add your asset as the payload for that Element:

Now you’ll get some code what you have to use to get this all to work, copy this code:

and this code:

All into a .php file entitled “music.php”:

And now load that into your root directory:

I tried a bunch of PHP plug-ins with WordPress and if you have a bunch of plug-ins it’s just a pain trying to figure out which ones are conflicting with each other. So I decided not to use any plug-ins that enable PHP in Post or Pages.  Am I lazy? I’m just a hack! When I say that people always respond “we all are”.  Makes me feel great; let’s just pull this CASH Music widget in to our WordPress Page or Post via an iFrame. Why not?

Call your “music.php” into WordPress via an iFrame:

And Blam! We have a seamlessly integrated email-for-payload music page. You can get creative with css and make it look like a widget, but in this case I like the seamless no-widget look.

Take a peek at the finished product here on the new Gift of Gab Website “”.

CASH music is a open source not-for-profit organization that has an awesome board of advisers and is also a Fellow of the new Mozilla open source accelerator WebFWD. Pledge to their Kickstarter campaign today!