Drip.fm the artist and indie label solution for super fans

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I had a chance to chat via phone with drip.fm founders Samuel Valenti IV and Miguel Senquiz.

Directly from the Website:

“DRIP.FM is a platform that connects labels and artists with their superfans. Fans pay a monthly fee. Labels set their price and choose how much content they want to deliver, and how often. Simple.”

In our discussion Sam explained they are trying to offer another sustainable way for artist to make a direct connection with fans. This is based on the basic premise that fans want to belong to a tribe. I can think of many labels and artists that would benefit from such a service. The idea came up from direct request from the the fans of Ghostly International where Sam and Miguel have been working for some time now. Drip.fm is answering fans request for exclusive downloads, remixes, to non-owned (i.e. downloaded) streaming content for a monthly fee.

There are three labels aboard right now being Ghostly International, Dirty Bird Records, and Stones Throw Records. If you would like to become a drip.fm label please contact them here. I think it’s hot.

If you are attending the upcoming SF MusicTech Summit on 2/13, Drip.fm will be in attendance. Tweet at them at @htmiguel or @ghostly to set up a chat, or hit Sam at sam [at] ghostly.com .