Stuck at following 2001 people on Twitter?

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Scenario: You have maxed out at following 2001 people and Twitter will not let you follow anymore until
a * bunch* more people follow you.

Sound familiar?

Even if it’s not spring yet, it’s never too early to do some spring cleaning on your Twitter account.

Twitter is very organic and I say there are no tricks to get masses of more real, engaged followers: you just need to be interesting, famous, or adopt a strategy.

Strategy? For example, sometimes you will find the people you first followed when you started are no longer very interesting anymore. You have to follow some “new blood” that will appreciate your interest and interactions and follow you back.

Check out this Twitter Relationship App:

If you take the time to let it load up, and take a good look at it, you will find that it is very intuitive to use.

Authorize the app. Hit the Whack button. Yes, it takes a while, is a free app and sometimes just does not work.

But it is the only tool of its kind that I know of.

Look at these 2001 ”relationships.” Are you following someone who is not following you back?

Do you find them extremely interesting or valuable to follow? KEEP FOLLOWING THEM. Is the answer to the above a plain “NO”? WHACK THEM! UNFOLLOW!

In addition to this easy-to-understand color scheme of green (you follow them) and red (they follow you), you will also see when the last time they tweeted was. Are they even using Twitter? “Last update: 2 years ago”? UNFOLLOW! Beware: this app will not show you when the last update was from an account with “protected tweets“.

It’s nothing personal! Twitter is a social tool, and if it is not going two ways when you want it to go two ways, UNFOLLOW! them and make room for new relationships.

Exception: If they are not following you back and you find their tweets valuable or entertaining then keep following them and never mind that they don’t follow you back. Keep following them.

Sometimes this app will only let you UNFOLLOW 100 people a day, so this could be a week long “cleansing process.”  Have fun elevating your Twitter Karma!