Want to use some kickass SoundCloud apps? Join this list.

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I got an email today from @leemartin. Lee is SoundCloud’s Experimental Developer. He rocks, and works with Rockstars.

[box] Hey guys, How the hell are you? Mind if I ask you for some help? I’m trying to compile a list of the best designers / developers / nerds for hire in the music business. My plan is to contact them with the latest developments on our platform so that they have the right tools to make your projects rock even more. We also plan on featuring these project(s) prominently on our social and platform presences. Any help is greatly appreciated. As for me, I’m jump starting the year by polishing up Email Unlock (free email for download? fuck yeh) for launch and jumping right into Stratus 2 development. You can follow the latest developments from my Twitter account or Vimeo channel. I’m also looking to put a few major “custom” projects into the calendar if you have any outlandish ideas. As always, thanks for listening and extra thanks for any help you can provide. Peace![/box]

Hit up Lee to get on his list if you are a Web designer or developer! He is at lee [at] soundcloud.com .