Billboard Futuresound Industry Thought Leader Dinner

theman Blog

Just got this awesome gift from BMI today. A hard-cover photo book. I recently had the pleasure of being invited and attending the “Industry Thought Leader Dinner” put on by BMI at the Billboard Futuresound event. The venue, Waterbar, in San Francisco was a great setting to enjoy such great company. The evening was spent enjoying the fine dining with the great staff of Billboard Events, and select representatives from Billboard Magazine, YouTube, BMI, Grooveshark, MOG, TAG Strategic, Kobalt Music Group, MTV, Warner Music Group, Tunezy, NARM, Tunewiki, and Nokia.

Had a great conversation with the Grooveshark guys about Girltalk, whom they know personally, and who was in town performing that night at Ruby Sky. Many thanks to them for leaving the event early so I could nom their dessert! 😉