The New Follow Friday #NFF

theman Blog

Inspired by a Tweet from Social Media Club’s own Kristie Wells. I have decided to wage war on the old school trend of “Follow Friday” that simply lists multiple Twitter handles with no explanation of…why. It’s just getting old. It takes time to assemble those things anyway.

Kristie says it best:

“A1. For me, a #followfriday is only valuable if the people tell me WHY I should #ff. A list of 5+ names with no context =weak. #socialchat”

The idea of Follow Friday has always been about a recommendation, right? Let’s bring it back with a little more depth into our recommendations. Let’s go off the beaten path here and take a chance.

The New Follow Friday format is:

.@twitter_handle (a short description of person, company, or otherwise ) #nff

Example I:

.@A_U_T_O_L_U_X My fav band from LA; eerie alt sounds w male/female vox, they don’t Tweet but someday they may. Check them out! #nff

There has been some ideas to add links. Feel free to improvise, but myself, I like to stick to one “call of action”. And is this case it’s “follow this person on Twitter”. Also, we only have so much real estate (140 characters of course!) to give our recommendation, so including a link limits your prose.

Let’s do this! What do we have to lose? Everyone give this a try as soon as they find this.

Happy trails!