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Ok…so you’re in a band and you paid someone to make your fancy pants Fan Page. Custom tabs, man o man your jammin, totally digging your new page. Wow looks great, totally pro. Oh but wait… oh no you have not looked at your page since 8/23 and all of a sudden your page is all whacked? Time to call your “Web” developer and see what’s up….la tee dah…Oh. Oh no! Facebook changed the width size of all Pages to 520px? From 760 to 520px? That’s why it looks all whack. And you have to pay your Web developer to fix it?

Ahh ya shoulda, ya shoulda been using Rootmusic BandPages, they had me all covered during this change and will more than likely have me covered with any other upcoming changes.

If ya don’t believe me, check out what Mashable, Billboard, and TechCrunch have to say:

They quickly made the necessary changes way ahead of time so the day Facebook flipped the switch all my personal pages and my clients’ pages were professionally reduced to the appropriate size and ready to go. I manage and/or have authored a good 20+ pages with this great program.  The cost is an annual $19.99 fee, great price for any musician or stingy record label!

And to top off all the goodness they even have this great auto-url shortener so fans always land on your great looking page when they click that link that you post  all over the Web. This component is called .

So that long Facebook Fan Page url :

Looks all professional and tidy like this:

Sure you could go to and make a custom url after you get 25 fans, but not everyone is blessed a smooth transaction there, sometimes usernames are taken, at times there are Trademark issues, etc.

Stay tuned to for a quick tutorial on 2 different ways to compose your graphics to make your page look great using RootMusic BandPages! Or inquire within for quick service at todd[at] .

Here are some I have done and/or advised on:

Big up to J and the Rootmusic team for a great piece of Web Music Technology!