Artist lament passing of custom CSS Myspace pages

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Is this true? Rupert says, “they are not giving up on Myspace yet“.

I’ve had a few of my clients log into their Myspace account lately and be presented a chance to “upgrade”. Poof. Custom CSS Myspace site all gone. Now they have to start from the ground up using the new “templates & plug-ins”. Bummer.

Well, now who’s to say that this is bad? There is even an option now for a graphic header above the infamous Myspace ad banner. Whoa fancy pants! Get back!

This is Social Media, it’s free, and policy is subject to change at any time without warning. The digital music and social media sites are just this way. Only a very loud community backlash can * maybe * get an unpolular policy changed back. I for one have no time or interest but to roll with the punches with this one. Yawn.

Either do not upgrade, or just do it. Poke into Myspace and manage your fans if you have a fan base worth managing there. But do not completely ignore it, Rupert is not done yet. Myspace is good SEO/SMO too.

Ok, here’s the deal…..I’m kidding! Your custom profile did not go away, yet. You simply have to revert back to the old profile. Check out this blog post to see the details of how to get your profile back if you have made the same mistake as some of my clients.

Now fair warning we have some great details here courtesy of this MS blogger:

  • New Regular User Accounts (starting 07/19/10) cannot switch from 3.0 to any other profile type. Those accounts are locked into 3.0.
  • If you had a Regular User Account and upgraded to 3.0 you can still switch back to your previous account.
  • Regular User Accounts do not have a custom CSS option (yet!, still in Beta testing).
  • Some think that New Band User Accounts are automatically given 3.0 like with Regular User Accounts. They are not. New Band Profiles are given the old profile structure (for now). Then you can upgrade to 3.0. If you upgrade you can still switch back.
  • Band User Accounts can still enter custom CSS codes into their Bio section. New codes will need to be generated as lots has changed. Check back in the coming days for new codes.
  • For either account type, and this is speculation, I think you only have 7 days trial period before you are locked into 3.0. So if you try it out, make sure you switch back after a few days if you don’t like it or you will be locked into it.
  • No matter the profile type, the instructions on switching back are the same.

We’ll see ya in Cyberspace kiddies. Pay attention to the _music_ and pay attention to the buttons you click!


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