& how to stay on top of Web Music Technology

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These days our bandwidth can be so low from working and maintaining relationships with family and friends how do you keep up with the latest and greatest? Easy; use Twitter to follow the people that actually create the technology. That brings us to Lee Martin; he takes care of Them Crooked Vultures and Beck’s Web needs, and he is also a developer within the Web Music Technology community. I am a little late on being completely blown away by his Twitter app to stream music To be exact I am up and over 1.7m users late!

Within maybe 30mins I had uploaded links to 3 songs of my band Life Love Misery, including links to purchase from iTunes and it was played almost 200 times. Imagine if you band is popular; watch your bandwidth! Once you log in and start an account this is what your page looks like.

This app enables you to find certain song streams from a currently unknown source and Tweet to your friends, or you can upload links to mp3s, YouTube videos, and Soundcloud song files.

An advantage to using is you can only stream the file, you cannot download it as far as I can tell. A good attribute for those whom do not want to just give away their music downloads for free.

You ask, “well how to I keep track of find these talented developers that are hacking the future of Web Music Technology?” I suggest keeping tabs on this Website and following those whom attend the “Music Hack-days events” that are organized by’s own David Haynes.

Another good example of finding a gem of an app or “hack-of” is included on this list. Which one do you think is a gem? Which one is bound to not fade away with the constant 6-month technology tide that washes away someones great idea? Well, I’ll be hacking away at my fav and I will debut my case-use of this hack very soon. Stay tuned to!