Google, Myspace, and Collecta; 2010 the year real-time search takes off

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A new exciting year is upon us! Many are still absorbing the news of Imeem going down, and the few possibly..or real reasons why. For those of us in the know, it is surprising to hear what really brought Imeem down, then again maybe not too surprising. Anyways…

Onto bigger news that improves things for musicians and fans a like is the Google and Myspace deals going down lately.

Status Updates

Google works Myspace status updates into their real-time search capabilities. Oh this is so “last month” as far as news, but a really big deal for the landscape of 2010. I’m gathering the deal is you can get real time results of *status updates* from Myspace, Twitter, and soon Facebook Fan Pages, via Google.

To check this out in action, simply:

1) Go to Google
2) Below the search box click on ” + Show Options ”
3) On left hand navigation go down and click “Latest”
4) Bingo you will see real-time data start to scroll down the page
5) This is the future!

What does this mean to you the musician or band that wants to have presence on the Web?
Update your status’s! ; no matter the consensus on how “cool” Myspace is. You must still have some sort of presence there and update it, maybe even daily!

Or if you want a more thorough and even easier way to view what is going on in the Myspace-sphere right now you have to check out Collecta’s real-time Myspace search interface.

Instead of *just* status updates. This arrangement drafted by Myspace and Collecta enables users to search for sentiment / key words in Blogs, Comments *and* status updates!

Myspace is wheeling and dealin’, so be sure to include it your daily routine of Web and Social Media Presence for Music Marketing and Fan Engagement. Tell your fans about Real-time search at Collecta and Google. When people ask you where your from, say ” I’m from allova’ “