Cash Music doing good

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Sometimes time just breezes by and you see things go across your Web sphere with the speed of light. Not always having time to absorb the many cool things going on in Web Music Technology and to reach out to cool people doing cool things. Today I took a time out and found some good stuff mang’.

Cash Music. A non-profit organization doing some really sharp Web presentations and marketing for music ; take heed to *up to date* techniques being rendered. Take a look at the impressive list of projects on their Website at the link above.

Note a couple great examples:

50 Foot Wave
One page minimalist approach like a MUX Tape, or 8 Tracks page. Futuristic, forward thinking. I should do this
Nice big artsy graphic
One button play
One button FREE download
Link to buy from AMAZON
Link to donate through Paypal

Family of the Year
Again, excellent execution here, note upper left corner under “Find Us Elsewhere,” adhering to my “triangle” concept of 1) Main band Website 2) Facebook 3) Twitter, and including Myspace in the secondary “triangle” of Fan Outreach or Social Media wrangling.

Man, I should practice what I preach to the minimalist level ! Effective use of Web Technology and Social Media tools here, with minimal distractions. It’s all about *The Music*.

Hats off to Cash Music!