I found a new Twitter hash-tag!!!

theman Blog

Awesome! #twangthursday Yep that’s right howdy hey partners! Anything Twangy post it on your Twitter feed with a link to your Twangy music for music fans to enjoy and you just night find some new fans.

It may be true that the new hashtag was authored by a ‘fella that runs a Music Blog called “Twang Nation“.

For you newbies here is an example of how I used the new hashtag the other day:

Hello @TwangNation !! Glad I found you! I am Sayla Dobro ( @sayladobro ) www.myspace.com/sayladobro #twangthursday

What could be more twangy than a Dobro? Be sure to follow @sayladobro . Post your Alt-country, Americana, Country, Rockabilly, etc. and get down on yo’ bad self.