The Twitter “Artist List”

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Hello kitties! Ok, so is just some good pointers for band, brand, artists that are not too “geeky” and are somewhat “beginner” or “intermediate” Social Media / Web Music technology users. And of course I/me/we are available for hire to execute such goodness.

I’m busy working with a band called “Lotus Ascension” on all of their Social Media sites, so I will keep this short and sweet. Also just picked up local do-gooders “The Hold Outs”.

If you are not on this list yet, you should simply sign up, it will propagate your Web presence on Twitter. You will get some spam, you will get other bands following you, and other excitement will surely happen.

Follow Gabriel Nijmeh, the author of the list, and go here to add yourself, or your band to the list.

Happy Tweetin’ Tweeters!