Using Widgets to Market Music

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Widgets! Sexy Widgets everywhere! Like this sexy Widget below from Tunecore, my digital distribution company of choice.

Some say the next big thing is going to be open, global, mobile, social, playful, and intelligent. Widgets can be just that.

What makes the Web fun and gives your fans fun ways to interact with you and your band exposure is the inter-connectivity or the “glue” of the Web. What glues us all together? Links help; links to and from your Web site help your SEO. Tags and tagging help; you tagging others’ photos and others tagging your photos, so they may be found by more. Bloggers tagging their blog posts help. There are “habits” to follow to lay the “glue” and there are Widgets.

There aint nuttin like a good widget.  This is a Widget fest and what context they are being used in. And there are plenty more where these came from:

Twitter: I put a Twitter text widget feed on my main Web site (as it has that cool functionality) and I put a Twitter feed widget box on Myspace.

I added a Thumbplay ringtone sales widget to my Myspace page, and to my main Web site.

In the above example, the same band embedded a YouTube widget on their Myspace page (I’m in the video).

So, briefly you can see there are a myriad of widgets that “glue” this thing we call the Web all together. Some will come, some will go. When I find ones that are really cool and applicable to music I will let you know about them.

Widgets make you dizzy? I may be of some assistance if I am available. Let’s continue this conversation if need be.

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