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There are a number of sites to which bands can upload their tunes so friends, family, and fans can stream their music for free to spread the word and get additional exposure in the musical Web sphere. Some say to not provide a constant radio stream of your music or “people will not buy your music, they will simply listen to your streams constantly and you’ll never get paid.”

Well that could be true.  But you can sign-up with Sound Exchange to get royalties from online streams. Just fill out the stacks of paperwork involved. Read about them here and here and see if you wanna fill out all this stuff and send it in. Then you can go through the processes of trying to get on Web radio.  Some are just a sign-up procedure and others will be screening your music and/or have requirements.

It would also be cool at this point to have your UPC Code for your CD, your IFRC ISRC codes for each song, and all your work copyrighted ( which you can do all online now ), if you still believe in such a thing.

Web Radio

Set-up without being screened:

1) Simply make an account, and decide if you want your royalties direct from them or through Sound Exchange. Bingo you will be on .

2) Simply make an account, very similar to Myspace.

Get screened, get added to great online Radio:

1) Pandora Radio – You must have a CD to sell. It must be available through Amazon. This is more than likely the best Internet Radio station with “DNA coded” music recommendations. They pay out an estimated $27 million in royalties annually. Go here to see the list of requirements and how to get two songs screened for acceptance.

2) “Home of the .10 stream”. If you want to be on Lala you have to go through a digital distributor like Tunecore or CD Baby Digital. Pay the man and within 2 months your music will appear.

3) You want to get added to as many Web Radio stations as possible? Better get organized; that is a whole ‘nuther ballgame, very similar to getting “adds” on College Radio. Hire a specialist. I have recommendations based upon your needs, location, and budget.  Hit me up.

Does copyright, submitting material to digital distribution companies like Tunecore, and setting up Web Radio stations sound like a pain? I may be of some assistance if I am available. Let’s continue this conversation if need be.

Most of the information on this site is painstakingly formatted in this PDF file below so you can print it on white paper with easy to read black text. Or you can print for FREE by subscribing to the RSS feed at the top of the page, and also be in tune with any and all updates. Try Google Reader, its’ pretty cool. Also many hyperlinks will take you into the Web and show you the examples given. In some cases better then the Website! Ha!

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