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Well, they are saying right now ( July 2009) that Facebook is indeed the new Myspace in terms of music and well….Social Media in general.  I will leave that up to the purported “experts” lol …. but truth be told in my own opinion there is still enough life in Myspace Music worth some time promoting music fro a little while, but Facebook Fan Pages are indeed an effective way to keep in touch with a community of fans and are very popular.

Looking at some popular Independent Artist I see:

Pete Yorn enjoys 13,700 fans on his Facebook Fan Page in which he actively engages with tour photos, news updates, and special never-released tracks. One post can generate up to 40 comments, which albeit not “huge”, says something about his fanbase in the USA.  The page today 7/27/09 : overloaded with Birthday wishes.  He recently appeared on “Good Morning America.” My Mom would dig that if I could pull it off.

Band “Of Montreal” enjoys 14,700 fans and they are all actively engaged.  I went to the packed house show at Oakland’s jaw-dropping renovated Fox Theatre where I’m sure the band enjoyed some healthy merchandise sales. My date bought 2 T-Shirts at a $40 price tag total. The floor was packed with screaming teenagers. I mean…if this band comes off tour broke, I quit.

Band from across the pond “Stereophonics” enjoy 76,000 fans. One  post from the band can generate up to 500 comments! I love this band, especially the album that arrived in my mailbox for free one day from from Girlie Action, Manhattan … Language. Sex. Violence. Other? I think it’s still stuck in my cars’ CD player. Posting is irregular, and looks to be handled by one of the bands members. Not to worry, 6 albums into their rock n’ roll fantasy they have earned each and every fan.

Just an educated guess I suppose, but Facebook fans seem much more engaged than Myspace “friends”, the platform simply allows it to happen in design. Like Twitter.

As an artist, you really do not have not much control over how your Facebook Fan page looks, unlike Myspace that does give developers and hackers a chance to modify the look and feel of the page via modifying the CSS. But you can perdy up your Facebook Fan page with various “tabs” and third party developer applications. i.e. applications that were not developed by Facebook and are not always guaranteed to work via Facebook.

The iLike artist Dashboard

Let me save you some time and frustration; the iLike Artist Dashboard and the ReverbNation Widget banquet are simply the best way to control content across a broad platform of Social Networking sites; especially Facebook. Via the Artist Dashboard they have the *only* way I know of currently to successfully mount a image banner on your Facebook Fan page.  It’s pretty cool and also mounts a music player to your page so Facebook Fans can stream your music. ReverbNation has a very comparable arsenal of Widget tools also.

You can also mount a few other effective tools from iLike such as :

  • Artist Banner and player widget
  • A la cart player widget only
  • Fans widget
  • Play my town widget
  • iLike this artist widget

And ReverbNation offers :

  • TuneWidget
  • Exclusive Downloads
  • Retail links
  • Grab Box
  • Fan Collector
  • Street Team Collector
  • Video Gallery
  • Music Player (4 different versions)
  • Show Schedule (2 different versions)
  • Shows Map
  • Press

The sheer volume of active people that use Facebook daily makes it a reasonable target for your ad dollars to try to “acquire” fans via Social Networking. From my observations, the fact that many folks mainly use a “triangle technique” tells me that Facebook is red hot right now. You ask “what is the triangle technique?”

Triangle Technique

Twitter – Tweet your knowledge – informative links/witty banter – drive followers to:
a) Follow you
b) Friend you on Facebook
c) Go to your Website or Blog (Point of Purchase).

Facebook – Sync status updates with Twitter, drive friends to:
a) Website or Blog (Point of Purchase)
Follow you on Twitter

Website or Blog
Home base ( Point of Purchase)
b) Ultimate fandom destination with scarce “offerings” or “prizes” that cannot be obtained at Social Networking sites (if you’re smart).

I’m not suggesting that you should only use these 3 Web destinations, #imjustsayin . I have observed many Blog gurus, etc., and this seems to be their practice. If they are on other Social Networking sites, it is merely a place marker at times. Attention should be focused where fans are actually engaging your band, brand or Super Hero.

Facebook ads

Back to buying ads on Facebook. I have a couple examples.

One friend bought say 1.75 million ad impressions for an one-day event for $480.  This combined with an active Tweetplan with his 8000 followers sold a bunch of tickets. At $50-100 a piece. Which one worked? The Tweeting on Twitter or the Facebook ads? We do not know to this date! We could not get many folks to say they saw the ads on Facebook. All we know is that the event was a smashing success. Imagine if your, or your clients’ music, just “caught fire” and garnered a large number of friends and/or followers.  When I have $500 to spare in my marketing budget for my music I will definitely be experimenting, regionally where I already have fans on Social Networking sites or where it is reasonable that the act can actually travel there to perform.

I have another friend whom plays and records a lot of music and has been involved in Digital Music for many years. He spends his hard earned money on Facebook ads “acquiring fans” and he has a formula that he has shared with colleagues.

Facebook Fan Pages are “on” and must be manned in any good Social Media Marketing for Music campaign. No time and you have more than a dime? I may be of some assistance if I am available. Let’s continue this conversation if need be.

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